About Us

At Hickman & Robinson we provide progressive, innovative and smart solutions for our business and real estate clients.  In today’s volatile market and quickly evolving legal landscape, trusted and timely legal representation is of increasing importance.  The needs of clients are changing as quickly as the law and the economy.  We aim to obtain success for our clients through professional, honest and efficient legal counseling.  In today’s legal environment, old-fashioned legal tactics are not rendering the same results.  Clients need adaptive and cost-effective solutions that produce positive results.

Robert P. Robinson

Dennis P. Hickman

Kyle E. Yaege

A Progressive Practice with Traditional Values

At Hickman & Robinson we understand that changing economic trends, and the evolving legal climate requires adaptive strategy.  While a progressive practice is necessary to properly service today's businesses, our attorneys maintain the traditional principles of professionalism, honesty, diligence and loyalty.

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Security and Satisfaction

At Hickman & Robinson, we treat our clients like we would want to be treated.  We work to protect our clients, and to help provide them a path to their goals.  We succeed, together.